Having a Life Purpose isn’t Enough!

Having a life purpose is important. Organizational growth experts, therapists and coaches alike will agree. I’ll tell you the same: God created you with a purpose. But the truth is, a sense of purpose is not enough. A hammer has a life purpose. Coffee makers and nails and ironing boards have a purpose. Who wants […]

You are a Hand-made Piece of Art

Several years back, my wife and I spent a painfully large number of hours hunting for a new house.  After the 19th house, they all start to blend, and you can’t remember which one had the great deck, and which one had the kicked in sheetrock. Very quickly, though, you become an expert on neighborhoods […]

Feeling Insecure? Try Standing in a New Position

I showed up at Walla Walla University, a small Christian school in the southeast corner of Washington, as a transfer student. I was moving geographically from Ohio to Washington and conceptually from architecture to theology. You can bet not many credits transferred.  I was behind my peers.  I was far away from home.  I only […]

3 fatal tendencies crippling your online communication

I love sarcasm as a form of communication. The subtlety of a quiet, sarcastic retort can make me smile for days. But online? The list of people I’ve offended or hurt, many unknowingly, is long. I’ve also left a wake of miscommunication behind me, as people who don’t know me tried to process things I […]

Is your online life Christian?

In May of 2010, Facebook broke my church. Honestly, it wasn’t Facebook’s fault. It had more to do with us—our level of relational wisdom and our lack of experience with digital communication—but Facebook was the vehicle. We drove the car into the ditch. You can’t blame the car. Days before the debacle, Arizona had passed […]