The 4 Biggest Emotional Myths You May Have Learned in Church

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Much of what we think we know about emotions we learned from parents, teachers, pastors, and other influencers in our lives. These lessons have formed maps that guide out thoughts and choices as we grow up. But sometimes those maps are wrong.

Today I am honored to have a guest post over at is a giant Christian website, and I’m pretty stunned to have this opportunity. In The Wisdom of Your Heart I dissect 4 very common myths that many of us have picked up in church about emotions, and I summarize them for you in this post. If this post connects with you, then there’s a good chance you’ll like my new book.

Here’s a short excerpt.

This is the most important reason why pursuing emotional growth as a part of discipleship matters. When we misunderstand or misinterpret our emotions, we hurt ourselves and the people around us. When we deny and repress our emotions, we limit our ability to be in intimate relationships, even with God.
We have emotions because they are a part of God’s design. They are purposeful. They are a vital and necessary part of a healthy life and a growing relationship with God.

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