4 Clues You Need Emotional Growth (TAW018)

Episode 018 – 4 Clues You Need Emotional Growth

I went through a major crash that was the result of emotional immaturity and brokenness. But it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. There were clues that I ignored.

Maybe some of these clues are in your life as well?

Show Notes

Show notes will not be a transcript. At least not now. You’ll find a few key bullet points, any scriptures references, as well as any other books or resources referenced.

  • Looking back on my life I can now see that there were clues that my inner life was a wreck. Emotional immaturity and untended wounds were doing damage, and I didn’t see it.
  • Do you see any of these clues present in your life?
    • #1 – You are known for outbursts. You frequently over-react, blowing $1000 of emotional energy on a $5 problem.
    • #2 – You are easily offended. Irritation is your constant companion, and even small things offend you. Some people walk on eggshells around you.
    • #3 – You are always fine. Things that excite others do nothing for you. Sad or painful things don’t deeply impact you. You are rarely vulnerable.
    • #4 – You hide behind solo activities. You often choose solo activities to avoid discomfort that comes up in the emotional connections of relationship.
  • If any of these show up frequently in your life, it may indicate that there are untended wounds that need healing, or emotional immaturity.
  • The more disconnected we are from our own emotions, the harder it will be is to connect emotionally with other people, and even with God.
  • You inner life is the wellspring from which every other part of your life flows.

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