Anger Resources

Here are additional resources that tackle the subject of anger and emotions in the life of a follower of Jesus.


  • Presentation / An Emotional God?  What picture do you have of God? Is there room for emotions in that picture? The way you understand God’s emotions deeply impacts the way you relate to your own emotions.
  • Presentation / Feelings Like God? Our emotions are not a weakness or sinful.  We have emotions because we are created in God’s image, and God has emotions.  The more we understand God and God’s emotions, the better equipped we are to discover the truth our emotions reveal. (Very similar to the above presentation, with some of the same content, but focusing on a different aspect.)

Blog Posts:

Video Presentations

These are videos of a six-week teaching series  that addresses a Biblical perspective on emotions, and the design of different emotions in our lives.


These are books that talk about these subjects that I highly recommend to you.  The links will take you to Amazon where you learn more about the books, and purchase them if you like.  (Disclosure: The links below are affiliate links which means if you buy a book through one of these links I will get a minuscule kickback that I promise to spend on more books.)

  • Feel: The Power of Listening to Your Heart, Matthew Elliot. A much deeper treatment of the subject, with a full survey of emotions in the Old and New Testament, woven through with the author’s personal story.