Another Guest Post today. Check out Tammy Helfrich’s Blog.

Another day closer to 2013!  And one more blog to inspire you about your new year.  Today Tammy is featuring me on her blog, and tomorrow she’ll be posting on mine.  I’d love to have you check out her blog.  She’s a Christian inspirational author with a book coming out in a couple of weeks.  Head over and check out her blog.  If you like what you see, leave a comment or even subscribe.

Here’s an excerpt from my post over there to entice you!

Embrace your story.  That’s what Tammy says to do.  It’s right there in the header of her beautiful blog.  She’s right.  In an unexpected way, this advice is one of the cornerstones of living an impactful and intentional life.

Right now your story probably has a grip on you.  When I use the word “story” here’s what I mean:  Your story is comprised of all the events of your life that have happened to this point, combined with the meaning that you have made around those events.

This story plays itself out in your life over and over again.  Here’s an example from my own life, to explain what I mean…

Want more?  Head over here.

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