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Need to pick my brain? Can I be helpful to you in some way? Let’s book a conversation. Here are some common ways I’m helping people these days:

Personal Coaching

I’m a pastor with 25 years of experience helping people grow. All of life is spiritual and so this has often included emotional, relational, and vocational growth as well. I can help you learn to listen to what the Spirit is doing in your life and then identify the next steps to take as you pursue health and growth. My work is a combination of personal and spiritual coaching that will help you put in place the kinds of habits that will help you cultivate a healthy inner life, and a clear sense of direction.


I’m most often asked to consult in three areas:

Platform: I started my first blog in 2008, and have been active ever since. My online presence was crucial in helping me secure a publishing deal. I can help you make and implement a plan to develop or improve your online presence. I’m especially helpful to introverts who find social media overwhelming since that’s my experience!

Writing: I’ve been writing for thirty years, averaging 200,000 words a year for the past decade. I can also help you plan and structure your book or other writing, focus your premise for your audience, and in certain cases provide line editing.

Church & Pastoral Issues: I’ve been a full-time pastor for 25 years, and have served as youth pastor, worship pastor, administrator, teaching pastor and senior pastor. I can help you think through the issue you are facing as a pastor or in your church. I have particular care for pastors struggling through transition, trying to lead their church in change, and pastors who serve small churches.

Podcast Interview

I create a twice-monthly podcast called The Apprenticeship Way. From time to time I interview guests. If you and I have talked about doing an interview, we can use this tool to schedule a time. (Please don’t book an interview without us talking first. Contact me directly to discuss if an interview with you is a good fit.. Thanks.)

Wait?! You charge?

I do. The most valuable resource I have in this life is my time–and most of it is already committed to my family, my local church, and my writing. But I get requests from people who want to “pick my brain” on one topic or another. Charging is how I help prioritize. If you are motivated enough to pay for a session that means that neither of us will be wasting our time. 

Were you looking at booking me to speak?

I do that, too! Start here for more information.

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