Lent Reflection – Do I find validation being part an angry group?

Today is the 20th day of Lent. John 8:1-11 is the scripture today, the captivating scene where Jesus diffuses a mob intent on humiliating him and exploiting a woman to do so. (Historically, we’ve called this story “The Woman Taken In Adultery,” but that puts the spotlight on the wrong people.)

Lent Reflection – Do I limit who I will be a neighbor to?

We’re up to the 14th day of Lent. Luke 10:25-37 is the scripture today. In yesterday’s reading, Jesus was denied hospitality by a Samaritan village because he was Jewish. In the next chapter of Luke, Jesus tells a story that makes a Samaritan the hero and provides the model for Christian ethics.

Lent Reflection – Am I offended by generosity?

Today is the 11th day of Lent. Today’s scripture is Matthew 20:1-16, the parable of the vineyard owner who hired workers throughout the day but paid them all the same. Wha’s up with that?