Are you doing the hidden inner work?

5 miles of narrow, winding, uphill road remained between us and our destination, the Oregon Caves. Sometimes steep, the road wound its way upwards with tight switchbacks. About halfway up I realized something. Despite the incline and the many tight corners, the drive was perfectly smooth and comfortable. Tight turns on a narrow road usually […]

500 years ago Ignatius suggested we make decisions this way.

I’ve been weighing a big decision. The details aren’t important. It’s like many big decisions you’ve faced. It’s complex, with many moving parts. There are pros and cons, which make it hard to know the right path. You’ve been there, I’m sure. Having an unresolved decision on your mind can be stressful. But how do […]

The Well-Worn Path in Your Heart That Leads You Away from God’s Love.

Shortly after turning in my final manuscript for The Wisdom of Your Heart, I received an email. My stomach dropped as I read the words. My chest tightened. The email was from my publisher. In the last round of editing, some theological questions had been raised, and the publisher decided to send my book through […]

I’m sorry for how the church has sidelined women.

I am really enjoying writing for the Oregonian website OregonLive. It’s giving me a space to think and wrestle with issues that are not the main topic around here. I just posted my 7th post over there, the 6th in a series. This series, I’m calling it my Apology Series, is addressing ways that the […]

How We Grow Spiritually (A Parable)

The thing I like most about our yard and the thing I like least are related. Between our yard and the neighbor, there are five towering evergreens. There’s a massive Oak. In the middle of the front yard is a giant, ancient, Japanese Maple. It’s beautiful. Surrounded by all these trees, our home feels like […]

I’m sorry for the Racist past (and present) of the Church.

Most of you already know that I write in two places.  Here, I write about spiritual growth for followers of Jesus. But over at the Oregonian / OregonLive I write to a wider community, here in Portland. I’m in a series that starts with apologies, but is really about a more positive vision for the church’s […]

How a Writer’s Mastermind Group Reminded me of What I Needed Most.

September holds enormous excitement for me. Why? Because I’ll fulfill a long-held dream. A book I’ve written, a book I believe will help many people, will be on bookshelves all over the country. I can hardly believe I’m fortunate enough to have this incredible opportunity. But September is six months away. That intervening space is […]

I’m sorry for not really being pro-life.

Here’s the next installment of my series over at the Oregonian/OregonLive site.  Here at, I write about spiritual growth from the perspective of a follower of Jesus for folks already committed to personal growth.  At OregonLive I write to people in the wider community, addressing how my faith perspective intersects questions and issues that are very […]

I’m Sorry for Not Caring for the Environment.

Now that the holidays are past, I’m continuing my series over at the Oregonian. A quick update for new readers.  Here at this blog, I write about spiritual growth from the perspective of a follower of Jesus. The audience here is primarily people who already follow Jesus, and are already committed to personal growth.  The […]

Is Self-Help Christian?

I was at a small coffee shop editing my current book project. The man seated next to me saw the manuscript on the table and asked if I was writing a book. “Yes,” I said, explaining it was about the vital role of our emotions in our lives and faith. That’s when he asked his question. “So, […]

The 1 practice that has helped me grow the most.

I can tell pretty quickly if someone is serious about investing in their personal and spiritual growth. Lots of people say they want to grow. Perhaps they do. Maybe they desire a better life. They’re finally ready to get into recovery or wish for a stronger relationship with God. Maybe they had an incredible experience at […]

Four fears that will keep you from growing.

To say my daughter is verbal is an understatement. A first-born reader, raised by readers, she’s an artesian spring of words, bubbling without end. When she doesn’t feel like talking about something, that’s when you know something serious is up. Like the time when, in anger, she changed her brother’s tablet password and then forgot […]