Feedback on my next book cover

I’ve been working this summer on getting my next book ready for publication–still working toward a December/January launch. Now, to finalize the cover design!
My design brief was this: Journaling is an ancient practice, and so I want the cover design to evoke an older age, or even an old book. Spirituality happens in the midst of busy life, and so the cover can represent how spiritual growth breaks through in the midst of busyness. I also asked if the designers could come up with a way to include a book in the design — and if they were really brave, to include a tablet or computer, since today not everyone journals with paper and pen. (Only 1 of the designers found a good way to include a digital device!)

ROUND 3 FEEDBACK – The Not-Quite-Final Penultimate Round

Here are the five top designs as indicated by votes, comments, and ranking against other variations. Keep in mind that none of these are the ultimate final design since the final will still get one more round of editing.

Compare these options and rank them via the stars. 5 stars for the one you think is best, 1 star for the one you like least, and 2-4 stars for the others as appropriate.


ROUND 2 FEEDBACK – Comparing Similar Designs

In this second round, I’ve separated the top designs into two groups. Those that most literally evoke an old book, and those that are more modern in feel. In this round, don’t worry about designs that are not included in the particular comparison. Compare the designs in the particular set. Which do you prefer?

Rank your favorite in each group as 5 stars. Rank your least favorite in each group as 1 star. Rank the other options in that group appropriately from 2-4 stars.

CLOSED – Designs that are more literal in evoking an old book

CLOSED – Designs that are more modern in their aesthetic

ROUND 1 FEEDBACK — General Impressions of the Top Designs

In this first round, Don’t worry about comparing the designs of different designers. That will come later. Today, you’re just picking the variation from each designer that you like best. Don’t think too hard. Go with your gut. Which one catches your eye? Which one speaks to you most?

Click the link. Rank each of the designs with 1-5 stars. If you want to leave specific feedback you can.

Closed – 3 Variations from Fiaz Ahmed

Closed – 2 Variations from InsomniaARS

Closed –2 Variations from Rita Sriharningsih

Closed – 3 Variations from MarryUm

Closed – 2 Variations from IsObel

Closed – 2 Variations from MeltProject