Low-Stress Knowing God’s Will (TAW028)

Episode 028 – Low-Stress Knowing God’s Will

I grew up in a church community where finding out God’s will was a big deal. Imagine the horror of living your whole life and then discovering you had missed God’s will? So, we spent a lot of time and energy trying to get clear on God’s will for us.

I don’t think our urgency was warranted. Today I want to share with you my stress-free guide for finding God’s will.

Show Notes

Six principles for knowing God’s will without feeling stress about it:

  1. Don’t sweat the obvious stuff. If something is repeatedly covered in scripture and in alignment with Jesus’ way—like not Lying or Murdering—best assume that’s God’s will. 
  2. Get counsel from people you trust spiritually. More heads are better than one, especially if those people are spiritually mature and have practiced listening for the Spirit’s lead. Consider trajectory rather than circumstances.
  3. Consider trajectory rather than circumstances. Pay attention to how you got where you are, and what God seems to have been doing in your life lately.
  4. Look for settledness rather than certainty. Certainty is often a trap, especially if we need it to find peace.
  5. Be suspicious of your desire to run away. Stop and consider why you feel this. If you’re trying to avoid a hard decision, or difficult relationship, or something that will stretch you, your desire to run may not be from God.
  6. Focus on character and relationships. Consider that what you’re praying about might not be a high priority to God.

Scriptures & References in this episode

New Links

  • Pick up Try Softer by Aundi Kolber. — This is an amazing book and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is the best, most helpful, most accessible treatment of mental health from a faith perspective. If you have been wondering about starting therapy, struggling with undermining thoughts, dealing with depression, or love someone who is–get this book.

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