Jim Huddart
Business Leader
CEO, Insync Lifestyles

Over the past 15 years I have heard Marc Schelske speak more times than I can remember. The one thing I do remember is I have never once been disappointed. No matter the topic, I learn something new and almost always go away with a broader view of the subject…  I find that invaluable.

Marc uses humor, personal examples, media and even physical props in order to convey his message in a clear and comprehensive manner. He always does complete and in depth research…  Having been a presenter myself to thousands of professional business people in seminars on communication, dimensions of behavior and listening, I would have no reservations recommending Marc as a public speaker for any group on any subject.

Kelly Bean
Pastor, Urban Abbey
Founder, Convergence
Director, African Road

I have known Marc Schelske for a good number of years. In this time I have had the privilege of seeing him lead a unique congregation through challenging change points and growth curves. In this time he and Christina his wife have become and grown into their role as parents as well as pastors. In his own life, Marc has been willing to step outside of ‘ordinary’ and stretch in practical ways to integrate his beliefs and his lifestyle.

Authenticity and an aim to lead people into maturing relationship with their own story,with others and with God are hallmarks of his well crafted sermons and teaching. Humor, real life experience and examples, thoughtful research presentations delivered with clarity and heart make his work engaging as well as solid and inspiring.

Betsy W. Packer
Board chair, Love In the Name of Christ of Clackamas County
Love INC

Marc Schelske is a compelling and engaging speaker. He was delightful to work with, accurately grasped the message of our mission and inspired the audience. He spoke at our fundraiser…and we hear often “Invite him back.”


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