Overview: Clear Path to an Intentional Life

Speech Product - Core Values


Are you tired of living in reaction to crisis? Feeling pulled in every direction? Unclear about how best to spend your one and only life? Instead look to your story and how God has wired you. Within your life already exist important themes.  These themes reveal your authentic core values. Your authentic core values can lead you to a purposeful and more meaningful life. This presentation gives the benefits of knowing your authentic core values and the motivation to discover them.  It can be followed by a multi-part seminar or retreat walking participants through the process of uncovering their authentic core values laid out in my book, Discovering Your Authentic Core Values.


Introduction: Are you living with purpose, or are you living in reaction to the purposes of the people around you?  Dave Ramsey taught us that if we don’t have a clear purpose for our money, it will be spent according to the agenda of others. This is true for our time and energy as well.  A budget helps us manage our money.  Our Authentic Core Values helps us manage our time and energy, by offering us three ways we can focus.

A Compass that Gives Direction.  Knowing your authentic core values gives you the benefit of a clear internal compass.  You’ll be equipped for those times when you have decisions to make that require a sense of direction.  This protects you from making decisions that would take you off course in life.

A Filter that Gives Focus.  Your authentic core values function like a water filter, straining out options that are unhealthy for you. You can quickly and easily know what to ignore and what matters for your health and growth. This protects you from being overwhelmed by too many choices, or distracted by choices that are no good for you.

A Homing Pigeon that Always Brings You Back.  Life and circumstances have a way of shifting around us, introducing new opportunities and roads to take. Sometimes we explore.  Sometimes we get off track.  Your authentic core values work like a homing pigeon, always bringing you back to who God made you to be.

Conclusion: Life comes at you fast.  You will always have more choices and opportunities than you need, and more crisis than you can manage.  But you don’t have to live life stretched between all your obligations, unable to move forward toward your goals and dreams.  You can uncover your authentic core values, and once you do, you will have a powerful tool for moving forward with a purposeful life.

Target Audience

Anyone ready to live a more meaningful life guided by clear purpose.  College students and other adults will find value in this presentation. This presentation is designed as a non-denominational faith-based presentation, but it can be adopted for corporate and other non-religious events.

Possible Formats

This material can be delivered as a keynote presentation, a workshop, or half-day seminar. It can also be presented in a multi-day retreat format with speaking, active learning, small group interaction, and personal reflection. Keynotes can range from 45–60 minutes to fit your needs.

Discover Your Core Values


This presentation is an introduction to the process I wrote about in my book Discovering Your Authentic Core Values.

After this presentation your audience will be ready to jump into the process that will help them discover their own values.  This opportunity can be extended to audience members by offering them a copy of the book as a part of your event.

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