The old walk won’t take you new places.

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The classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

We see this craziness all around us.

There are companies going bankrupt because they can’t adapt their business model to a faster, more connected world.  Working with kids I would regularly hear from parents frustrated with their children’s behavior who just keep parenting in the same old way.

This is true for spirituality as well.

We say we want transformation. We say we want intimacy with God. But we keep doing the same old religious activities we’ve always done.

  • We attend church every week hoping that this will make the difference.
  • We sing real hard during the worship hoping we might feel God’s presence.
  • We aimlessly read a handful of Bible verses with our morning coffee, hoping we might hear God speak.

Time slips by. We walk the familiar paths over and over again. Then a moment of pressure or pain comes and it turns out that we’ve not really matured spiritually. We haven’t experienced real change.

Ephesians 4:22-24 makes an important observation that can be summed up in this short sentence:

Quote - Insanity
My take on a famous aphorism attributed to Albert Einstein.

The old walk won’t take you to new places.

Paul uses the metaphor of the walk to talk about the state of our spiritual lives. Your walk is the habitual pattern of your life that is taking you somewhere. The old walk took you exactly where you are. If you want your life to be different, no amount of trying harder will do the trick. Instead you need to have a different walk.

The question that leaves you with is this: Do you want to grow spiritually enough to change the way you live?

2 thoughts on “The old walk won’t take you new places.

  1. Great timing on this one Marc…I will be sharing the essence of this with our Leadership Council at tonight’s meeting. Mostly because I totally need this myself!

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