“The way I was living stopped working for me.” An Interview with Chuck Hagele.

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Emotional maturity is a topic that touches every important part of our lives.  My friend, Chuck Hegele, leads an incredible ministry to families with at-risk youth called Project Patch. As a part of that ministry, he produces a podcast for parents called Today’s Family Experience. He and I spend about an hour this week talking about The Wisdom of Your Heart and it’s implications for ministry and parenting. Check it this great recorded interview.

Here’s an excerpt.

The way I was living worked for me through college. It worked through my singlehood. It worked through the early years of my marriage–it really wasn’t working in my marriage, but I thought it worked for me…It seemed like things were going well… When more and more layers of responsibility and emotional complexity were added on, that’s when I got stretched. I got to a place where I could not bear the burden that I had… I didn’t know what to do… I ended up in a place of deep depression, lots of anxiety, emotional brokenness in relationship with people that are close to me. That was all a fruit of not being equipped to handle and process what was happening for me emotionally.

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