Look closer for clues to your life purpose.

Spiritual vitality and living with purpose are intertwined.  To have one, you need the other.  Your pursuit of purpose is key. Very close to you is a treasure chest overflowing with clues necessary to finding your unique, God-created life purpose.  Chances are high that you’re overlooking it.  I want to show you where to look.

Hunting for the purpose of life? Here’s a landmark.

I live in Portland, Oregon. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen and my favorite place I’ve ever lived. One aspect of my city that I love is the view of Mount Hood. This solitary mountain towers east of the city, a snow-capped beauty mark. As you travel through Portland, the mountain […]

Looking for Purpose? Start with your Identity in Christ

You have a good and beautiful purpose. Part of the adventure of your life is to discover it. Instead of pinning on a broken identity you’ve pieced together from scraps, you can discover an identity that will fit you perfectly because it comes from the Master Artist who made you. This sense of purpose will […]

Wandering Lost? Finding your Purpose will change that.

I was heading to a lunch meeting with another car following me. We were headed to a restaurant a few miles away. While driving, I was thinking about a heavy conversation I had upcoming. Then I got a text message. While I was multi-tasking, (don’t judge me!) a semi truck merged into my lane. It […]

Is your purpose really to give God the glory?

If you grew up in church world, you learned that one of the most important things was God’s glory.  We were very clearly supposed to give God the glory, like little human spotlights always showing how awesome God is. Over time, I learned what kind of things would do this. There was a clear category: […]

Having a Life Purpose isn’t Enough!

Having a life purpose is important. Organizational growth experts, therapists and coaches alike will agree. I’ll tell you the same: God created you with a purpose. But the truth is, a sense of purpose is not enough. A hammer has a life purpose. Coffee makers and nails and ironing boards have a purpose. Who wants […]

You are a Hand-made Piece of Art

Several years back, my wife and I spent a painfully large number of hours hunting for a new house.  After the 19th house, they all start to blend, and you can’t remember which one had the great deck, and which one had the kicked in sheetrock. Very quickly, though, you become an expert on neighborhoods […]

The 210 Framework: A Way to see your Identity and Purpose

The Big Questions Who am I really? Why am I here? What purpose does my life serve? These are the fundamental questions that shape our lives. Some of us have thought long and deep about these things; others not so much. Either way, you have answers to these questions deep in your heart. The answers […]