Attitudes that propel you forward.

There’s one thing, and only one, that truly has the power to either derail you or propel you forward. You can have the worst circumstances possible, and this one thing will push you past them.  You can have every advantage, and this same thing can steal the opportunity from you. That one thing? Your attitude. […]

Don’t let your attitude derail your life’s purpose.

Knowing where you’re going is important in life. A clear sense of purpose can provide motivation, focus, and energy, especially when things are hard. But no matter how clear you are on your purpose, there is something that can keep you from getting there.  You might not even be aware of it. Imagine taking a […]

Who is in charge of your brain?

My daughter is seven. She’s a tiny perfectionist, brimming with plans for the whole world. When those plans don’t work, or worse, when someone like her brother or her parents impede them, it’s painful for her. Like a tiny tsunami, crashing waves of sadness and anger rush out of her, overwhelming whatever conversation has been […]

Don’t judge me! (Or maybe you should.)

Charges and consequences were starting to rain down. I was sad because of this turn of events and the consequences I knew my friend would face. But I was surprised by something he said. He was indignant. He kept talking about how unfair the officers had been. He was angry that he was being treated […]

How Can You Change Your Attitude?

Your attitude shapes the course of your life more than almost anything. That means that attitude is an incredibly important part of personal and spiritual growth. (We talked about that in the last episode.) So what happens if you find that a negative attitude is getting in the way of your growth?   Do attitudes […]

Can you be Christian without going to Church? Think about this before you decide.

How do you answer this question? A friend of mine, Kelly Bean, is in the critical last mile of having her book published. She wasn’t sure if her publisher was going to like her idea for a title. I can understand why. It’s a Christian publisher offering a book for Christians. Her title idea? “How […]

How the Gospel made me an intolerant jerk

If the Gospel doesn’t change how you see others, you don’t really get it. Religion is great. Except when it comes to how we relate to other people. Every worldview has this problem.  Capitalism works perfectly, except for “those people” who take advantage of the system.  Socialism works perfectly, except for “those people” who won’t […]

The role of attitude in spiritual growth

On Monday, I tried something new.  Using the cool new Google Hang-Out technology, I recorded a conversation with 3 friends.  My thought was this:  Wouldn’t it be cool to sit in on a conversation about intentional spiritual growth with some interesting people who have something relevant to say?  So, this is the first one.  There […]