Untangling Versions. (How to Find a Good Bible, Part 2)

As we learn how to follow Jesus, we explore and experiment. Every spiritual journey is unique, because every one of our lives is unique. Yet, through this varied process we remain tethered to truth by the Bible. The Bible can become a trusted and precious companion in our apprenticeship to Jesus. But simply having a Bible […]

You Need a GOOD Bible. (How to Find a Good Bible, Part 1)

I’m a follower of Jesus. My own journey (and what I teach) is shaped by my experience with the Bible, as influenced by Christian theology and spirituality. Over the years this has narrowed like a laser to one focal point: Jesus. I purpose to be not just a believer, but an apprentice of Jesus. Saved by Jesus? […]

The Real Purpose of Reading the Bible (And How You Might Have Missed It)

I have only known Marc less than a year. We live in the same part of the country, but have never met face-to-face. (Hoping to change that sometime soon.) But I love this guy. I love his heartbeat. I love his passion. In fact, we share the same passion. Helping people live out their faith […]