Lent Reflection – Is my need to stay busy keeping me from being present?

This is the 15th day of Lent. I’m reading Brian Zahnd’s Lent devotional, The Unvarnished Jesus. I journal on the scripture he’s selected and his reflection, then as part of my Lent practice, I’m posting daily (or near-daily) meditations. Luke 10:38-42 is today’s scripture, the contrast between Mary and Martha..

Is it possible to grow spiritually in the middle of a busy life?

Busyness is the enemy of spiritual growth. Busyness is a trap, mindset, a wall of self-defense, an addiction. Busyness is about lack of focus and confused priorities. At least that’s what they say. Surely there’s something true about all of that. But what about those times when life is just full, full of commitments and […]