Lent Reflection – Do I feel anxious when I’m not in control?

We’re up to the 27th day of Lent. As a part of my practice this year, I’m reading Brian Zahnd’s Lent devotional, The Unvarnished Jesus. I journal on the scripture he’s selected and his reflection, then I post daily (or near-daily) meditations that emerge. Matthew 26:57-68 is the scripture today, the scene of Jesus’ trial […]

It’s time you got demoted! (Be a Steward, not the CEO.)

My seven year-old daughter’s face was a mash-up of horror and sorrow. Her body tensed with anger and she shrieked like a siren, “But…  it’s miiiiiiiine!”  I had picked up a pencil on the table and handed it to her brother. We were doing homework and he needed a pencil. There  was one on the […]