Faith Isn’t Certainty (TAW030)

Episode 030 – Faith Isn’t Certainty Faith is at the very heart of Christianity. It’s crucial. Without Faith, scripture says, it’s impossible to please God. But more than any other part of the spiritual life, faith is misunderstood. When we get this wrong, we set ourselves up for an ugly, painful crash. (And if faith […]

Weekend Wisdom / Living Like There’s More

Every decision you make passes through the same filter.  How you relate to money and time, how you treat the people around you, even your family.  The way you deal with people you disagree with.  Your response in these situations is filtered through your core sense of generosity.  Your level of generosity comes from a perspective […]

Keeping feelings and faith separate can kill you!

Is Christianity killing you? It nearly killed me. Faith is supposed to give life, abundant life. That’s what Jesus said. Instead this amazing community of faith that has so deeply shaped me, has often given just the opposite. It’s happening because one of the implicit teachings of the modern church is this: Don’t Feel. There’s […]

Do You Know Too Much About Jesus?

That Didn’t Turn Out So Well! A while back I was working through the Gospel of Matthew in my personal worship time.  I came across a sad couple of verses at the very end of chapter 13.  They challenged me and I thought they were worth passing on to you.  The story is in Matthew 13:54-58. […]

Trust God: Take The Flying Leap

The ground was seventy-five feet below. I was standing on a precarious platform lashed to the trunk of an enormous jungle tree. The platform itself was some kind of plastic grid that I could see right through; I was standing more on air than on substance. Looking out into the jungle I could see a beautiful, […]