Time to Listen to Survivors of Sexual Trauma (TAW023)

Episode 023 – It’s Time to Listen to the Survivors of Sexual Abuse One of the easiest ways to fail to love well is to assume that YOUR experience is canonical and that others have had the same experience you’ve had. We often do this with survivors of trauma. In this episode Mary DeMuth, author […]

We’ve got Glory Upside Down (TAW022)

Episode 022 – We’ve Gotten God’s Glory Upside Down I grew up learning a Christian story that the most important thing was God’s glory. We gave God glory by what we believed, how we behaved, and how we talked about God to other people. Good Christians and Good churches would focus on giving God glory […]

Praying for Open Eyes: See Yourself as God Sees You

How do you see yourself today?  I’d like you to see yourself as God sees you.  Let me hold up a mirror. The Homeless Princess One upon a time there was a princess. As you know, a princess is a daughter of the king. She’s a member of the royal family with position, authority, and […]

Time to stop trying too hard.

I’m A Tryer. Trying too hard.  You could use that phrase as a banner for much of my life.  Trying hard to do well.  Trying hard to be accepted.  Trying hard to be strong, to be a good husband, to be a good pastor, to be a good dad, to be more emotional and relational. […]

Why Church? Because of This Picture.

Why church?  It’s a question I’m hearing more and more.  Honestly, even as a pastor, it’s one I’ve asked myself a number of times. Church is such a hassle, isn’t it?  First it’s too ragged and sloppy where anyone’s aunt Bertha can sing a wobbly-voiced solo that tests the boundaries of everyone’s brotherly love.  Then […]

God’s only motivation? God’s love.

If you grew up in the church, or have hung around it for any length of time, or even attended a football game for that matter, you’re familiar with John 3:16. This is the most famous verse in the Bible. “For God so loved…” It’s #1 on Bible Gateway’s most read verses. It’s been memorized […]