Your theology is just a theory.

Your theology is just a theory. No matter how precious. Even when you can back up each clause with scripture, or appeal to your favorite theologian. Are you balking already? Maybe you’re sure your theology the very truth handed down from the apostles. A lot of us think that! Before you assume I’m telling you […]

4 Promises from God, including 1 I’d rather skip.

Summer ends and Fall begins. Family vacation gives way to school routine. As this transition unfolded this year, I found myself thinking about how the last year has gone. Most of the feelings aren’t good ones. This year overflowed with circumstances out of my control. Financial plans have gone awry. Relationships have strained; some even […]

The role of attitude in spiritual growth

On Monday, I tried something new.  Using the cool new Google Hang-Out technology, I recorded a conversation with 3 friends.  My thought was this:  Wouldn’t it be cool to sit in on a conversation about intentional spiritual growth with some interesting people who have something relevant to say?  So, this is the first one.  There […]