What if the Bible isn’t perfect? (TAW053)

Episode 053 – What if the Bible isn’t perfect? (With Zach Hunt) There are many debates and disagreements within Christianity. Behind most of these, you’ll find one very significant issue. How we read the Bible. The way we read the Bible and what we believe about how the Bible came to be directly gets at […]

Is the Bible human or divine? The problem is in your either/or question.

Christians go around saying things like this: The Bible is God’s word.  The Bible gives us God’s guidance.  The Bible tells us how we ought to live. Make those sorts of claims, and someone is going start asking how you know. How can trust the Bible? A member of my church expressed this issue perfectly. […]

Perfectionism, Creativity & Inspiration: An Interview

I was asked to do an author interview this week.  We talked about perfectionism (my own), creativity, inspiration and what I’ve learned writing Discovering Your Authentic Core Values.  Read the interview to discover: What I’m reading now days. How a song I wrote seventeen years ago shapes what I write today. How perfectionism nearly kept […]