The Spiritual Discipline of Minding Your Own Damn Business (TAW013)

Episode 013 – The Spiritual Discipline of Minding Your Own Damn Business There’s an important spiritual practice you might be overlooking. Lots of people are. But this one little thing can bring you a lot of peace. And I know you and me both could use more inner peace. That practice? Minding your own damn […]

Don’t Run Aimlessly (TAW012)

Episode 012 – Don’t Run Aimlessly. (Prepare for Where You Want to Go) The new year is underway. 2019 is going to happen to us. Will our experience be good? Will it be bad? It’s hard to say because, honestly, most of this new year is going to be outside of your control. But I […]

500 years ago Ignatius suggested we make decisions this way.

I’ve been weighing a big decision. The details aren’t important. It’s like many big decisions you’ve faced. It’s complex, with many moving parts. There are pros and cons, which make it hard to know the right path. You’ve been there, I’m sure. Having an unresolved decision on your mind can be stressful. But how do […]

Wandering Lost? Finding your Purpose will change that.

I was heading to a lunch meeting with another car following me. We were headed to a restaurant a few miles away. While driving, I was thinking about a heavy conversation I had upcoming. Then I got a text message. While I was multi-tasking, (don’t judge me!) a semi truck merged into my lane. It […]

What platform building taught me about following Jesus

I’ve been re-organizing my life so I can spend more time using my best gifts. I’m a teacher, a creator and a writer at heart. It is incredibly life giving to me to create things that help people grow. To that end, I’ve been learning from people online who are thinking about writing, blogging, and […]

The Target for a Life-Changing FTF Routine.

Begin with the end in mind. Steven Covey is credited with that maxim. It’s the 2nd of his well-known 7 habits. If you start by thinking about the outcome you desire, you can avoid distractions. You can bypass all the options that look so good, so responsible, but don’t really contribute toward your desired outcome. A […]

How a $280 Treadmill Desk helped me be more intentional.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Those are J.R.R. Tolkien’s words, in the mouth of Gandalf. They also perfectly describe the intentional life. You’ve got a certain amount of time. It happens to be exactly the same amount as the people around you: 24 hours in […]

Hey busy person, how do you remember God?

Did you ever tie a string around your finger to remember something? Not sure why, but that was a common solution in books I read as a child. I tried it once. All I got was a purple finger. Since childhood I’ve been distractable. Maybe it’s undiagnosed ADD, or just the fruit of a very […]

“This is what I was made for.” How often can you say that?

I was winding through the curves on some unfamiliar road thirty miles into the country. 10,000 Reasons played in the earbuds tucked inside my helmet. I rolled on the throttle of my Vulcan 800 Classic around a corner into a view that stopped my breath. Dense, pine-covered hills with periodic burst of turning leaves rose to […]

Following Jesus: It’s Not Just Believing

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? Maybe you grew up in the church and for you that meant believing a certain list of doctrines or behaving in a certain way. Maybe it was the religion of your family and you just followed along. Perhaps at a concert or camp someone got […]

Why being Christian embarrasses me

I have an ambivalent relationship with my religion.  Maybe you do, too? I’m a follower of Jesus.  Like it or not, I’m part of the tribe called Christian. Many days I don’t like it much at all. Don’t misunderstand me. I love Jesus and the people of Jesus. I even love the church. Most days… […]

4 reasons why being a novice is better than being an expert

When was the last time you learned something new? I mean something completely new, where you started as a novice? If you’re like most Americans, the last time was when you were in school. Have you noticed that we expect children to learn and grow? We enroll them in sports because they need to learn […]

Unclear about your direction? Pick a Fight.

When our life is in the balance, or we have to protect someone we love, our adrenaline pumps and we put up our fists. We won’t go down without a fight. But what about when there’s no threat? When it’s just day-after-day of normal life? What then? Are you living without a fight? If you […]

How Can You Change Your Attitude?

Your attitude shapes the course of your life more than almost anything. That means that attitude is an incredibly important part of personal and spiritual growth. (We talked about that in the last episode.) So what happens if you find that a negative attitude is getting in the way of your growth?   Do attitudes […]

Stop saying, “I’m Fine” when it isn’t true

I asked, “How are you?” They responded, “I’m Fine.” Only I knew that wasn’t true. It’s happened more times than I can remember. The woman whose husband is leaving her. The family whose new baby is in intensive care. The twelve-stepper who is in the middle of a really painful fourth step. The man who […]