You might be perishing, and why that stinks.

Are We Missing The Point? John 3:16. Everyone knows it, right? This verse is predominantly printed on highway billboards and signs held high in the end zones of football games. Why? Because John 3:16 gets used pretty much exclusively in the context of “getting people saved.” It’s a part of any gospel presentation worth its […]

God’s only motivation? God’s love.

If you grew up in the church, or have hung around it for any length of time, or even attended a football game for that matter, you’re familiar with John 3:16. This is the most famous verse in the Bible. “For God so loved…” It’s #1 on Bible Gateway’s most read verses. It’s been memorized […]

Born Again & Letting Go.

Holding Tight Didn’t Bring Peace. My story led me to a place where control and peace were linked together. I wanted peace. I imagined that meant less stress and emotional strain. The path there was through more control. By controlling my emotions, containing and suppressing them, I’d feel less pain. By controlling the world around […]