Do Christians Hate Forgiveness? (Are we Jonah?)

Not long ago, the president announced an initiative to relieve some of the pressure of escalating student loan costs and predatory practices with a small loan forgiveness program. The response among many Christians has been deeply fascinating. Social media posts on the subject have mile-long threads of replies. Strident articles are being published. People have […]

Don’t judge me! (Or maybe you should.)

Charges and consequences were starting to rain down. I was sad because of this turn of events and the consequences I knew my friend would face. But I was surprised by something he said. He was indignant. He kept talking about how unfair the officers had been. He was angry that he was being treated […]

Is the Pope a kidnapper? That Question is a Trap.

So, is the Pope a kidnapper? On March 13th the white smoke billowed and the world was introduced to the new leader of the Catholic faith.  Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio went into the conclave and came out Francis the 1st. The news was first celebratory.  The first pope from the Americas!  A Latin American pope!  A […]