In which a perfectionist admits that perfectionism is his problem.

That particular Sunday was terrible, but it was also wonderful. When a nice motorcycle instructor named Kandice asked me, “Do you have test anxiety?” she had no idea that she was touching on a central spiritual issue for me. For more than a year I had been slowly working on getting my motorcycle endorsement. So, […]

Perfectionism, Creativity & Inspiration: An Interview

I was asked to do an author interview this week.  We talked about perfectionism (my own), creativity, inspiration and what I’ve learned writing Discovering Your Authentic Core Values.  Read the interview to discover: What I’m reading now days. How a song I wrote seventeen years ago shapes what I write today. How perfectionism nearly kept […]

That Bastard Perfectionism

Argh…  Can. Not. Do. It… Most of the time I’m pretty focused on getting things done.  Most of the time.  But right now, I’m finding myself infinitely distracted. First, there’s all the “grey” things I could be doing, work that’s justifiably related to things that matter.  Social media to build connections for my writing.  Research […]