4 Clues You Need Emotional Growth (TAW018)

Episode 018 – 4 Clues You Need Emotional Growth I went through a major crash that was the result of emotional immaturity and brokenness. But it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. There were clues that I ignored. Maybe some of these clues are in your life as well?

Emotional Growth is Not A Niche! (TAW017)

Episode 017 – Emotional Growth is Not a Niche! – (And Audiobook Launch!) Today is the day!  Today is the day when you can pick up the Audio Book for The Wisdom of Your Heart! I am so excited about this, and to celebrate we’re having a short bonus podcast episode. I’ve got a quick […]

The Inner Work Imperative (TAW016)

Episode 016 – The Inner Work Imperative I wrecked my church. I’m not proud of it, and it’s still painful to talk about. But I want to tell you the story because maybe I can change the course of your life. You need to know about the inner work imperative.

Are you doing the hidden inner work? (TAW015)

Episode 015 – Are you doing the hidden inner work? I like trophies. Credits. Accomplishments. Stuff that I can point to, Stuff that shows my hard work is paying off. Maybe you like that stuff too? But today I want to tell you about something that matters far more. And its something you’ll never get […]

How We Grow Spiritually (A Parable)

The thing I like most about our yard and the thing I like least are related. Between our yard and the neighbor, there are five towering evergreens. There’s a massive Oak. In the middle of the front yard is a giant, ancient, Japanese Maple. It’s beautiful. Surrounded by all these trees, our home feels like […]

Hey Christian, Personal Growth is not Optional!

I once had a game-changing conversation with a friend. He was a musician and had been for decades. He played guitar and sang and wrote beautifully poignant songs. He owned a recording studio and spent significant time mentoring other musicians. If you asked people to describe him, the fact that he was a musician would […]

Attitudes that propel you forward.

There’s one thing, and only one, that truly has the power to either derail you or propel you forward. You can have the worst circumstances possible, and this one thing will push you past them.  You can have every advantage, and this same thing can steal the opportunity from you. That one thing? Your attitude. […]

Hack the Facebook Algorithm for Spiritual Growth.

More than a billion people use Facebook. Facebook says that the average US user spends 40 minutes per day on the platform. 40 minutes reading and interacting with posts, photos and Facebook messages—every single day! There has arguably never been a more powerful force for social impact in human history. We used to hang out in […]

The Target for a Life-Changing FTF Routine.

Begin with the end in mind. Steven Covey is credited with that maxim. It’s the 2nd of his well-known 7 habits. If you start by thinking about the outcome you desire, you can avoid distractions. You can bypass all the options that look so good, so responsible, but don’t really contribute toward your desired outcome. A […]

The FTF Routine that gives me life.

Want a garden full of fresh, beautiful produce? Cultivate the soil and plant seeds. Want an investment portfolio that provides for your retirement? Thoughtfully invest some money every single month. Want a great relationship with your kids? Spend time in conversation every day. The common factor? Regular on-purpose investment. Put in a little effort every […]

Are you hiding your shame with contempt?

Today’s post is a special contribution from a guest, Sharon Mavis. She and her husband Rick are fascinated by the connection between spiritual and emotional maturity, so her writing is right up the alley of what we talk about here.  You can find more about Sharon below the post. “I need to hide. There is something […]

5 Emotional Lessons I Learned From a Relational Train Wreck

If you’re paying attention, you might have wondered where I wandered off to. No blog posts in nearly a month. No shared resources on my Author page. Even the Question of the Day and Evening Quote disappeared for a few days. A friend asked me if I’d resigned from Facebook. What’s been going on? Well, […]

Have you decided to learn from Jesus?

I’ve been a guitar player for 21 years. In that time I’ve hung around more musicians than I can remember. One particular type of guitarist was surprisingly common. They had a guitar, maybe two. They noodled around from time to time. They knew a handful of chords. Every now and then they’d get a group […]

How Can You Change Your Attitude?

Your attitude shapes the course of your life more than almost anything. That means that attitude is an incredibly important part of personal and spiritual growth. (We talked about that in the last episode.) So what happens if you find that a negative attitude is getting in the way of your growth?   Do attitudes […]

The role of attitude in spiritual growth

On Monday, I tried something new.  Using the cool new Google Hang-Out technology, I recorded a conversation with 3 friends.  My thought was this:  Wouldn’t it be cool to sit in on a conversation about intentional spiritual growth with some interesting people who have something relevant to say?  So, this is the first one.  There […]