Lent Reflection – Do I expect Jesus to make my life and the world what I want it to be?

Today is the 40th day of Lent, Palm Sunday, and the beginning of Holy Week. I’m reading Brian Zahnd’s Lent devotional, The Unvarnished Jesus. I journal on the scripture he’s selected and his reflection, then I post daily (or near-daily) meditations in response. Luke 19:28-44 is the selected scripture today, Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem […]

Lent Reflection – Am I choosing power over love?

Good morning! It’s the 5th day of Lent. This is the next installment of my series of Lenten reflections based on Brian Zahnd’s Lent devotional The Unvarnished Jesus. As a practice of my own, I’ll be posting daily (or near daily) short reflections on the scriptures chosen. Today’s scripture is Matthew 4:1-11, the story of […]