Lent Reflection – Do I mistake my religious observance for a life that pleases God?

Today is the 41st day of Lent, Holy Monday. Following Palm Sunday yesterday, now we accompany Jesus through the final week of his life. I’m reading Brian Zahnd’s Lent devotional, The Unvarnished Jesus. I journal on the scripture he’s selected and his reflection, then I post daily (or near-daily) meditations in response. The reading today […]

Is your religion feeding you or is it just knife skills?

I was juggling the preparations for a Bar-B-Que. Onions and mushrooms were caramelizing on the stove top. On the grill, Burgers were starting to cook. I was bouncing between setting out the sides, rooting out long forgotten condiments from the back corners of the fridge, and cutting tomatoes. Just then, my ever-hungry 6 year-old walked […]