No, Love Does Not Require Unity.

In this challenging time, what we need is unity. We need to come together. We need to “reach across the aisle.” We need to focus on where we agree. Unity is how we’ll move forward. These and other phrases like them are impossible to avoid these days. You’ve heard them, right? I know that unity […]

We are being gathered. (Unexpected encouragement amidst the hate mail.)

Well, this past week has been a crazy emotional ride! Last week I sent out an email update. As always, the email included a link to my latest blog and podcast. It also started with an open letter to folks who follow my writing online. I thought I’d get hate mail. (Or, maybe more accurately, […]

76% (And why that number guts me).

In the days following the recent election, I saw a graph that stunned me. I cannot get it out of my head. It showed a statistical breakdown of who voted for which candidate from exit poll data, suggesting that 76% of this particular group voted to re-elect the incumbent. 76%. Numbers that high mean that […]