The Trip is the Point (TAW029)

Episode 029 – The Trip is the Point

What are you gonna be when you grow up? What college do you want to go to? What are you gonna do when you graduate? Where are you going on your vacation? How soon do you think you can retire? You’ve been asked those questions, or questions like them, right? What do they all have in common? A destination. Our culture is absolutely infatuated with the destination.

And that kind of thinking will wreck your spiritual life. It’s also why I’ve stopped asking people if they are saved!

Show Notes

“Destination Thinking” in a life of faith looks like:

  • Focusing entirely on getting to heaven.
  • Focusing on getting your theology right above all else.
  • Buying into the prosperity gospel.
  • A spiritual entitlement that if we’ve done the right things God owes us.

All of these ways of thinking about faith undermine our spiritual growth, and lead to performance spirituality, legalism, purity and doctrine policing, celebrity Christianity and so many other soul-crushing ways of thinking about God.

Scriptures & References in this episode

The Lord’s Prayer is not a model prayer in the sense that it’s meant to be a template of words to repeat. It’s not the “right kind of prayer,” that we who know better can pray. It is better thought of as a model for how to organize our lives as we go through the process of life.

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