You can untangle those complicated emotions!

Emotions don’t have to be confusing. They are messages from our deepest places, and they bring with them important understanding if we can learn how to listen. When we learn this skill our emotions can become a resource for wisdom to help us navigate life and relationships well.

Maturity doesn’t come from having experiences alone, but from reflecting on those experiences. Understanding what we feel and why we feel it is a crucial part of that process. The more we understand our own emotions, the better we will be at handling the emotions of others — and that means better relationships.

In the book The Wisdom of Your Heart a process for reflecting on impactful emotional experiences is presented. This process mirrors the natural sequence of our brain and body reacting to and processing an emotional situation.

Learning how to use this simple process of awareness and reflection can help us grow in emotional maturity and competence.

The Untangle Workbook is a practical tool for implementing this process, both teaching the process and providing a tangible way to practice it.

Endorsements & Reviews

As a licensed counselor, I have used this workbook with my clients and found that it is an invaluable resource. But before I used it with my clients, I chose to use it personally. I was simply amazed! If followed, the well laid out steps do exactly what they say they are going to do, untangle emotions. The holistic approach walks the reader through identifying, managing, understanding, and organizing emotions. The repetition of the exercises within the workbook helps the reader make the untangling process a habit. I highly recommend this workbook to anyone, but specifically to counselors looking for a holistic tool that connects mind, body, and emotions.

One of the core difficulties left behind from trauma is the ability to effectively manage and respond to emotional experiences. Through the Untangled Workbook, Marc has laid out a concise path for making sense of emotional experiences. The workbook lays out a path towards self-awareness, clarity in articulating the experience of your mind and body, and ultimately the opportunity to respond in a more healthy manner. I’ve been so grateful to have such a well-developed tool to use with clients.

I can say as a mental health therapist for over 40 years, that it is rare to find a tool so effective in helping people identify what they are feeling, understand its meaning and origin, and even regulate their emotional responses as this workbook. I use it regularly with clients to help them slow down and reflect on what is happening inside of them emotionally. This allows them to choose their responses rather than be held hostage by involuntary reactions to their feeling states. Literally everyone could benefit from using this self-examination tool.

This book is full of tools to get the heart of who we are and why we are. No avoidance here, just treasure hunting to uncover the experiences that have shaped us. The 5 A’s are a tool worth implementing. Check them out!

Who is this book for?

  • Anyone wanting to understand themselves better and experience personal growth.
  • Those dealing with deeply impacting emotional experiences that are hard to unpack, like grief, loss, PTSD or anger.
  • People looking for greater integration and wholeness.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their relationships with their partners, children, and co-workers.
  • People who are learning to connect their emotional and spiritual lives.

What will you learn?

  • Why journaling is one of the most effective tools for personal growth, and how to do it simply.
  • The 4 core elements of an experience of emotion.
  • How to pay attention to what an emotion is doing in your body and thoughts.
  • The core content of 8 basic emotions and our natural response to each.
  • How to notice Emotional Binds and the role they play in feeling confused or stuck.
  • Why the intensity of an emotion is important to pay attention to.
  • The difference between the emotion we feel and the story we generate.
  • How to Reframe our story so we can choose a constructive response.

Is this book for Christians?

I am a Christian pastor and this material certainly aligns with my worldview. However, the Untangle Workbook is written for anyone, and does not require any particular faith or worldview in order to be helpful.

I introduced the 5 A Process in my book The Wisdom of Your Heart, a book about emotions written from a Christian perspective, meant to untangle many of the myths that have grown up around emotion in the church.

However, this process is based on my research of our current best understanding of the biology and neurology of emotions, as well as my own emotional recovery. The process can be spiritual, if you bring spirituality to it, but it does not require it.

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