Copyright & Use Policy

I’m so glad that you’re interested in sharing or using content from my blog.  I write this as a gift and hope that it is helpful to you and others. What you find here is all my own intellectual property, unless otherwise noted.  Fair Use doctrine allows you to do certain things with my content without my consent, but those uses are limited.  The following will give you a clear idea of what I expect from your use of my work.  If you have any questions about this at all, please contact me.

Here’s What You Can Do

Link Like Crazy:  You can link to any post or page on my blog to your heart’s content.  Seriously.  Post all over social media. Use a direct link, not a link shortener.

Using Full Posts: Pleae don’t repost or crosspost full posts of mine. Google penalizes both sites that host duplicate content, and neither of us want that. If you want an article of mine for your site, please contact me first for how best to do it. (Email me here.)

Using Quotes: You can use a specific quote from my writing, provided you indicate that it is a quote (“Like you learned in school,”) and give it the proper citation. Include a link back to the original source of the quote.  To be clear, a quote is not a full blog post.  It’s a passage from a post, usually on the shorter end.  A sentence, a paragraph, maybe a couple hundred words.

Something like this.  A pithy and inspiring quote about something that matters to you.  Because quotes are fun.

– Marc Alan Schelske.

Non-Commercial Reprints: You can re-print my posts on this site in any non-commercial publication such as a company newsletter, church newsletter, class syllabus, etc., provided you include this copyright notice: “© 2010-2020, Marc Alan Schelske. All rights reserved.”  I’d appreciate notification just because I like to know where my work is being used and found meaningful.  If you are printing more than 50 copies, please contact me for permission.

Commercial Reprints: If you are interested to re-print my posts in a commercial publication, magazine, journal, or compilation, please contact me directly for terms.

Informal hand-to-hand Distribution:  You can print off any post I’ve written to distribute to your small group, office team, or friends, so long as you are producing less than 30 copies, and you include the following copyright notice on all pages: “© 2010-2020\, Marc Alan Schelske. All rights reserved,” as well as the URL of the original post.  If you want to distribute more than 30 copies, please contact me for permission.  Plus, I really like to know when and where my work is being found helpful!

Here’s What You Can’t Do

Using Full Posts Without Permission:  You may not re-produce entire posts from my blog either digitally or in any dead-tree state without my explicit written permission.

Commercial Use: You may not reproduce any portion of my writings, whether a full post or a quote, for commercial purposes without my written consent.  This includes non-digital dead-tree publications, as well as any form of digital publications that you produce for income.  Be clear: This includes displaying my content on a web page where you are displaying any type of online advertisements.  I retain all rights to my intellectual property.

Alter or Transform:  You may not alter or transform this work without written permission.