Photo & Art Policy

Creative people are entitled to have control and ownership of their creative work.

As a creative myself, I fully support this.  The internet, of course, makes life interesting with the freedom to share and copy.  I illustrate my posts with photos, word collages, and other artwork.  Some of these I’ve created.  Many of them came from stock photo services.  Some times, and rarely, I find them online and cannot locate a source.

I’m making it my practice (as of 1/23/2013) to use images released with a Creative Commons license as well as providing a source citation. In cases where site design allows, this will be directly below the image. In other cases, I have embedded the original artist’s name and the source location in the metadata of the image.

In some art that I used prior to 1/23/2013, I always gave a good shot at locating the original source.  Sometimes this was easy, such as when a photographer posts on Flickr or some other service.  Sometimes this was hard, especially if the image has been used online multiple times.  While I always tried to find the original source, I wasn’t always able to do so.

So, If you are a photographer or artist, and you find your work on this site, what should you do?

1.  Please accept my gratitude.  I am so thankful that you are out there creating beautiful things.  Thanks for creating, and sharing your work on the internet.

2.  If I haven’t credited you properly, please let me know.  I’ll post your credit and a link of your choice.

3.  If I didn’t license your work through a stock photo service, or you did not release it via a Creative Commons license, I would be happy to either license your image or remove it, at your choice  I would be happy to license your image for similar rates to an equivalent image in size and quality at the stock photo sites I use. Depending on size and quality, I generally spend between $3 – $20 / image.  I can also remove your image if that’s your desire, and will gladly do so.  Contact me directly.  If a Google Image Search shows that your image is in wide use on the internet, please provide me with some kind of link that will verify your ownership (i.e. Something like a DeviantArt account or a Flikr account where the image appears with your ownership information will do).

Thanks again for making beautiful things!