The Apprenticeship Way Podcast

Thanks for your interest in my podcast. Here are quick links to the episode pages. On each page, you’ll find the player, and show notes. You can subscribe through Apple Podcasts or any Podcast app. You can also see the video on my Youtube channel.

I just wanted to say how much I love your podcast and your email content. You’ve been a beacon of light in my faith journey since I came across your blog a year or two ago…your podcast has been particularly helpful in helping me grow in faith during this time. Thank you for all that you do — I really appreciate your ministry.

Erica H, Podcast Listener

Season 1

Episode Title Date
001 Introductions 2018-04-17
002 The Deeper Conversion 2018-05-04
003 When Jesus Changed Religion Forever 2018-05-14
004 The Freedom to Not Get Your Way 2018-05-24
005 Making Friends With Your Limits 2018-07-19
006 Your To-Do List Is Numinous 2018-08-14
007 Tell Your Monkeys to be Quiet! 2018-09-24
008 How to Grab Yourself Some Peace. 2018-10-30
009 How to Spot Poisonous Friends (With Mary DeMuth) 2018-11-12
010 Don’t Mistake the Trellis for the Grape 2018-12-17
011 Gratitude Can Save Your Life! 2019-01-10
012 Don’t Run Aimlessly. 2019-01-24
013 The Spiritual Discipline of Minding Your Own Damn Business 2019-02-11
014 God Wants You Emotional. 2019-02-27
015 The Hidden Inner Work. 2019-03-11
016 The Inner Work Imperative. 2019-03-18
017 Emotional Growth is Not a Niche. 2019-03-26
018 4 Clues You Need Emotional Growth. 2019-04-09
019 How Abiding is Possible. (Anchor Prayer Pt.1) 2019-04-26
020 Is Memorized Prayer the missing key? (Anchor Prayer Pt.2) 2019-04-26
021 What is the Anchor Prayer? (Anchor Prayer Pt.3) 2019-06-17

Season 2

Episode Title Date
022 We’ve got God’s Glory upside down. 2019-10-01
023 Listen to the Survivors (with Mary DeMuth) 2019-10-04
024 I Rest in Faith (Anchor Prayer Pt. 4) 2019-11-19
025 I Walk by Faith (Anchor Prayer Pt. 5) 2019-12-09
026 I Hear in Faith (Anchor Prayer Pt. 6) 2020-01-30
027 In You I Remain (Anchor Prayer Pt. 7) 2020-02-12
028 Low-Stress Knowing God’s Will 2020-03-04
029 The Trip is the Point 2020-04-13
030 Faith Is Not Certainty 2020-05-11
031 COVID, Suffering & Jesus 2020-05-28
032 Pentecost, Breathing & George Floyd 2020-06-04
033 Why are we all feeling so crazy? (With Byron Kehler) 2020-06-23
033 The 5 Stages of Pandemic Grief (With Byron Kehler) 2020-07-19
035 Coming Soon!