The Apprenticeship Way Podcast

Hey Friends, I’m Marc Alan Schelske, and this is The Apprenticeship Way. A Podcast about Spiritual Growth Following the Way of Jesus.

Monthly-ish. Spoken-word monologues and conversations about a more generous way of being Christian. Conversations are focused and edited, so you don’t have to sit through banter to get to the good stuff. Episodes are only published when I have something worthwhile to share that I think will stand the test of time.

Available as an audio podcast in all the Podcast apps and services, video on Youtube, and transcription on the episode page.

I just wanted to say how much I love your podcast and your email content. You’ve been a beacon of light in my faith journey since I came across your blog a year or two ago…your podcast has been particularly helpful in helping me grow in faith during this time. Thank you for all that you do — I really appreciate your ministry.

Erica H, Podcast Listener


0022018-05-04The Deeper ConversationMonologue
0032018-05-14When Jesus Changed Religion ForeverMonologue
0042018-05-24The Freedom to Not Get Your WayMonologue
0052018-07-19Making Friends With Your LimitsMonologue
0062018-08-14Your To-Do List is NuminousMonologue
0072018-09-24Tell Your Monkeys to Be QuietMonologue
0082018-10-30How to Grab Yourself Some PeaceMonologue
0092018-11-12How to Spot Poisonous FriendsMary DeMuth
0102018-12-17Don’t Mistake the Trellis for the GrapeMonologue


0112019-01-10Gratitude Can Save Your LifeMonologue
0122019-01-24Don’t Run AimlesslyMonologue
0132019-02-11Minding Your Own Damned BusinessMonologue
0142019-02-27God Wants You EmotionalMonologue
0152019-03-11The Hidden Inner WorkMonologue
0162019-03-18The Inner Work ImperativeMonologue
0172019-03-26Emotional Growth is Not a NicheMonologue
0182019-04-094 Clues You Need Emotional GrowthMonologue
0192019-04-26How Abiding is Possible (Anchor Prayer 1)Monologue
0202019-04-26Memorized Prayer? (Anchor Prayer 2)Monologue
0212019-06-17What is the Anchor Prayer? (Anchor Prayer 3)Monologue
0222019-10-01We’ve got God’s Glory Upside DownMonologue
0232019-10-04Listen to the SurvivorsMary DeMuth
0242019-11-19I Rest in Faith (Anchor Prayer 4)Monologue
0252019-12-09I Walk by Faith (Anchor Prayer 5)Monologue


0262020-01-30I Hear in Faith (Anchor Prayer 6)Monologue
0272020-02-12In You I Remain (Anchor Prayer 7)Monologue
0282020-03-04Low-Stress Know God’s WillMonologue
0292020-04-13The Trip is the PointMonologue
0302020-05-11Faith Is Not CertaintyMonologue
0312020-05-28COVID, Suffering & JesusMonologue
0322020-06-04Pentecost, Breathing & George Floyd.Monologue
0332020-06-23Why Are We All Feeling So Cravy (COVID 1)Byron Kehler M.S.
0342020-07-19The 5 Stages of Pandemic Grief (COVID 2)Byron Kehler M.S.
0352020-08-25Your Values are Showing (COVID 3)Byron Kehler M.S.
0362020-09-07Don’t Avoid Starting OverMonologue
0372020-10-12Looking for GodPaul J. Pastor
0382020-10-29Would Jesus Call You Satan?Monologue
0392020-11-30You Need an Architecture of GriefJames Prescott


0402021-01-14This is Us. We Need to Own It (January 6th)Monologue
0412021-02-09Trust Your Instinct About the ChurchFr. Kenneth Tanner
0422021-03-17Can You Imagine Jesus Demanding Sex?Sheila Wray Gregoire
0432021-04-16Purity & Piety Will Get You NowhereMonologue
0442021-05-14Your Suffering is SacredK.J. Ramsey
0452021-09-17Let’s Normalize Being WrongRev. Matt Tebbe
0462021-10-15A More Beautiful DeconstructionDr. Bradley Jersak


0472022-02-02Don’t Choose Shallow FormationRich Vellodas
0482022-05-20Empathy is Not a SinBecky Castle Miller
0492022-07-25Church, Stop Acting Like a Hot TopicKevin Makins
0502022-10-04Letting God Change Your MindJonathan Puddle


0512023-05-09Faith When You Don’t Feel FaithfulBen Sternke & Matt Tebbe
0522023-06-23Childlike Faith vs. Childish FaithMandy Smith
0532023-09-08What if the Bible isn’t Perfect?Zach Hunt
0542023-10-11Knowing the Past to Make a Better FutureSarah L. Sanderson