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If you’re planning an event, I know what you’re going through. I’ve been in your shoes planning camps, retreats, and conferences. I know that the speaker you choose makes all the difference.  You want your people to experience something powerful and impacting.

My speaking page offers you everything you need to know about how I can help you create the impact you want.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m honored to be considered.

An Overview of This Page

A Little About Me (As A Speaker)

I’m a passionate communicator with twenty years of broad experience. I’ve been on stage over a thousand times, speaking, teaching and doing training events.

Most of this experience has come through Christian ministry, speaking as a pastor or guest speaker for ministry leadership events, retreats, camps with both adult and youth audiences.  I have been the primary teacher at Bridge City Community Church since 2003.  I’ve also spoken at corporate and non-profit events.

Frequently I hear feedback that I was able to help someone think about a topic in a new way, or gave them a way to articulate something important that they were never able to say before.

As a full-time working pastor since 1995, I’ve touched on nearly every topic in the range of Christianity, spiritual growth, personal development, relational health, and motivation.  I love helping people take responsibility for their spiritual journey, discover emotionally healthy spirituality, and live out of their God-given identity.

I live in Milwaukie, just outside of Portland, Oregon.  I’ve been married to my wife, Christina for fifteen years, and we have two children.  For fun, I play guitar, read, blog, tweet, cook and sometimes I get to make beautiful things. Oh, and I love speaking!


What You Can Expect Working With Me

If you book me as the guest speaker for your event, here’s what you can expect:

  • I’ll be prompt in getting back to you as we work out the details.
  • I want your event to be a hit as much as you do.  You’ll get a personal consultation with me to make sure I understand your event and your audience clearly.
  • I’ll support my presentation with professional media tailored to your audience and the purpose of your event.
  • If you would like, I will promote your event ahead of time on my blog and other social media.
  • When I present, I’ll bring my very best to the table to accomplish your goals.
  • When the event is over, you’ll hear from me to get your feedback.

Speaking Clips

Passionate & Authentic Content

In order for a speaker and an audience to connect, two things are required:  passion and vulnerability.  Passion brings energy and motivation.  Vulnerability allows people to connect.  Regardless of my topic, I always try to bring these two things.

I speak about intentional living and practical spiritual growth, two areas that many people struggle to implement in their lives. Below are some of my most popular presentations.

5 Myths You Learned about Emotions in Church

We’ve been taught that emotions are not to be trusted, yet God created us as emotional beings. Understanding these 5 critical myths will allow us to experience spiritual growth.  Click for detailed information.

The 5 Declarations of Gratitude

Nothing undermines your success or growth like entitlement.  Embedding gratitude deeply in your life will free you for a more purposeful and meaningful life. The 5 Declarations of Gratitude will help you do just that.  Click for detailed information.

A Clear Path to an Intentional Life

Don’t live in reaction to crisis, being pulled in every direction. Discover a purposeful and meaningful life when you understand the power of your authentic core values.
Click for detailed information.

Other Topics

  • Church and Culture.  The Christian church is experiencing culture shock, and yet it couldn’t come at a better time.  There are so many ways we behave that undermine our mission, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Here’s a 4-session series called “Christianity Gone Wrong (And How It Can Be Different)” on this topic, that touches on critical issues in the church like politics, sexuality, spiritual arrogance and exclusivism.
  • Living Inside Out.  Our world trains us to focus on performance and appearance.  These are the things that give us value and a sense of security.  And yet they are a terrible place to focus.  Jesus taught us to live life from the inside out.  This presentation, drawn from John 15, will teach how we can find security and spiritual growth by living inside out.
  • Adoption.  I’m an adoptee, and I have both an adopted child and a foster child.  I am passionate about adoption as one of the most life-changing things we can ever do. Whether your adoption event is meant to affirm and encourage adoptive families, or to motivate people to cross the line of commitment to adopt, I will bring powerful personal stories that cast a vision for the power and gift of adoption.
  • Pastoral Health & Burn Out.  Having nearly experienced burnout myself, I’m passionate about seeing pastors take a healthy road in their ministry.  My experience of pain and struggle, as well as the lessons I’ve learned about identity, emotion, and spiritual health make a powerful, impactful presentation.


Authenticity and an aim to lead people into maturing relationship with their own story, with others and with God are hallmarks of his well crafted sermons and teaching. Humor, real life experience and examples, thoughtful research, and presentations delivered with clarity and heart make his work engaging as well as solid and inspiring.

Kelly Bean, Pastor Urban Abbey, Founder Convergence, Director African Road

Over the past 15 years I have heard Marc Schelske speak more times than I can remember. The one thing I do remember is I have never once been disappointed. No matter the topic, I learn something new and almost always go away with a broader view of the subject…I find that invaluable.

Jim Huddart, CEO Insync Lifestyles

Marc Schelske is a compelling and engaging speaker. He was delightful to work with, accurately grasped the message of our mission and inspired the audience. He spoke at our fundraiser…and we hear often “Invite him back.”

Betsy Packer, Board Chair, Love INC of Clackamas County

Marc Schelske has a way of bringing Biblical principles into every day life. I’ve found encouragement to give the BIble a chance.  Never before have I felt more frequently that a teaching was written just for me.

Kim Puckett, Member and ministry leader, Bridge City Community Church

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