Are you looking for a practice that will help you grow?

Spiritual and personal growth is possible. Over the centuries, journaling has emerged as one of the most consistently transformative practices, recommended by leaders across spiritual traditions, therapists, coaches, and others. Why then are so many people intimidated by journaling today, while others try it only to give it up? Incorporating both ancient spiritual wisdom and current neuro-biology, Journaling for Spiritual Growth teaches you how to be present to your life and hear what the Spirit is doing within you.

A guide to a simple, flexible practice that nurtures growth.

Journaling is not a secret technique. Therapists, spiritual directors, pastor, and coaches recommend it. It is a time-tested practice. But for journaling to result in growth, a certain approach works best. This isn’t keeping a diary, writing a memoir, or tracking habits. Journaling for Spiritual Growth is a very particular kind of journaling practice. It’s flexible and gracious. With guidance you can build a sustainable habit that will serve you for years to come.


I kept waiting for this book to disappoint; for it to turn into something harsh rather than kind, rigid rather than flexible, even more harmful than helpful. It did not, and I am grateful . . . Read slowly, take your time, play with the work, and thank me later!

Marc has a deep awareness that there are significant things happening in and around us, ours to discover if we only pay attention. This book is a friend for the journey, walking with us to discover the craft of journaling with curiosity and a sense of adventure.

Marc Alan Schelske’s manual on journaling is among the most accessible and practical guides that I’ve encountered . . .

Is this book for you?

  • Do you have a sense that personal and spiritual growth is possible?
  • Are you ready to try a spiritual practice with the goal of maturing as a person?
  • In need of something that works with your life and temperament?
  • Not interested in legalism and obligation?
  • Are you interested in journaling as a practice?
  • Or maybe you tried journaling in the past, and it didn’t work for you or you couldn’t stick with it, and you’d like an experienced guide?
  • This book was intentionally written in a generous and hospitable way so that anyone from any background could benefit from it.

What will you learn?

  • Why diaries and goal tracking can’t transform us.
  • What expectations undermine journaling’s effect.
  • What mindsets and questions are most helpful for lasting growth.
  • The 4 core elements that keep your journal healthy and focused on growth.
  • How structure can be a gentle friend.
  • How habit building works, and what lessons we can learn from our bad habits.
  • How to create a sustainable habit for your life and temperament.

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  • Video Interview with Susan Carson on her show Rooted Intentionally. Inner growth, a more generous faith, and the role of journaling for spiritual maturity. Watch here.

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Some books about spiritual disciplines load up heavy burdens on the reader: ought’s, should’s, more, better, now…But not this one . . . Simple, profound, and entirely practical . . . This resource is a treasure; I highly recommend it.

Highly practical and research-driven yet rooted in the mystical tradition, Journaling for Spiritual Growth is an accessible, gentle guide to exploring your spiritual life . . . this will be of great benefit to anyone looking to cultivate greater awareness of God’s presence in their life.

. . . If journaling feels intimidating to you, or if you’ve tried and failed to develop this practice in the past, this grace-filled guide removes the stumbling blocks, equipping and encouraging you in a sustainable life of journaling. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you’ll find space with Marc to bring your life before God through reflective listening and learning. . .

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Reader Review Excerpts

…Marc reveals compassionate and beautifully nuanced layers to consider in developing a sustainable practice of journaling. His guidance opens windows and doors I had not considered in crafting a reflective experience that brings authentic spiritual growth…a rich companion and guide!

Marc has written an accessible and exciting book about journaling as a tool for growing spiritually. While written from a Christian bent, it could be of use to any one seeking to grow spirituality…

…This gentle, intentional, step-by-step guide makes the abstract practical and doable. If journaling feels intimidating to you, or if you’ve tried and failed to develop this practice in the past, this grace-filled guide removes the stumbling blocks, equipping and encouraging you in a sustainable life of journaling…

Great book on how to build a consistent journaling habit, steeped in meaning. The author’s voice and style are pleasant to read; feels like a relatable conversation.

…From the first page of this book, I felt seen. And felt hope for the first time in longer than I even realized. The author is gentle, and for me, it was a great first step in finding my way back to a daily relationship with God. I feel that, in any level of your relationship with Him, you can find growth here.

…I have never journaled more often, more consistently and with deeper insights than I did while reading this book…I am sure Marc’s book will be extremely helpful for you. He has an uncanny way of being super clear, very interesting, concise and preemptively addressing really every question, concern or hindrance that might come up…

…This is not a “quick read”, it is a text written for lingering, pondering, practicing, re-reading, and reusing again. The author has included many references for further research for inquisitive readers. I will be keeping this book for my own reference and use in the very near future.

…The unique and wonderful difference about this journal [guide] is it takes pressure off that I usually feel about journaling and Marc does a great job of inspiring me to try it again in a new more meaning and person way.

…Marc has a shepherd’s way of care that lends a hand in the difficult parts, as well as giving generous amounts of insight that makes the journey meaningful, cutting through the fluff…I really appreciate how he brings in a balance of understanding the way the physical parts of us (particularly our limbic system) interact and are important, to our spiritual journeys…