Lent Reflection – Am I torn between choosing comfort or choosing love?

Today we turn a corner. This is the 24th day of Lent. Starting today, the Lent reflections and scriptures begin to follow the events in Jesus’ last eighteen hours of life. If you haven’t been following along so far, now is an excellent time to start. Reflecting on these events will prepare your heart for […]

Lent Reflection – Am I offended by generosity?

Today is the 11th day of Lent. Today’s scripture is Matthew 20:1-16, the parable of the vineyard owner who hired workers throughout the day but paid them all the same. Wha’s up with that?

Lent Reflection – Am I striving for power?

Today is the 3rd day of Lent. Today continues my series of reflections for Lent. Today is the 3rd day of Lent. I’m continuing my series of reflections with Mark 10:32-45. In this scene we see the difference that often exists between our expectations and God’s when it comes to the tools we use to […]

A More Beautiful Deconstruction (TAW046)

Episode 046 – A More Beautiful Deconstruction (With Dr. Bradley Jersak) Deconstruction is everywhere. People are doing it. Some leaders are fighting it. Some people are excited by it. Some people are terrified of it. Is it just a trendy new word for leaving the church? No. It’s a process that’s necessary for spiritual maturity–and […]