Weekend Wisdom / Walking in the In-Between Moment

Are you living in an in-between moment? Something in your life is unresolved? You’ve prayed about it, and it seems like no answer has come? How do we live in this in-between space? Chapter 4 of John’s gospel ends with a miracle story, but buried in the middle of the story is one of these […]

Weekend Wisdom / Tell Your Jesus Story

Evangelism. Some Christians love it. Some hate it. The problem isn’t with Jesus. It’s with the expectations and methods that we’ve been taught. In Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well, we learn from the first recorded evangelist. What we see is rather different than what we’ve often been taught. If you’d prefer to […]

Weekend Wisdom / Spirit & Truth Right Now.

Jesus’ conversation with the outsider woman at the well in Samaria, starts to go personal. At that moment the woman brings up a long-standing theological debate. “Where are we supposed to worship?” This question is about more than geography. It’s a question about truth. Who has it?  Jesus’ answer is surprising. He talks about worshiping in […]

Weekend Wisdom / When Your Plans Failing is the Best Thing For You

You don’t have to get your way. Did you know that? When it seems like your plans are falling apart when you’re in the middle of uncomfortable circumstances that are out of your control, have you considered that maybe–just maybe–your mess is exactly what God needs to bring about something new in your life? This […]

Weekend Wisdom / Living Like There’s More

Every decision you make passes through the same filter.  How you relate to money and time, how you treat the people around you, even your family.  The way you deal with people you disagree with.  Your response in these situations is filtered through your core sense of generosity.  Your level of generosity comes from a perspective […]

Weekend Wisdom / Share What You’ve Been Given

The power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you.  God’s plan is to work through you in the work to bring new life where there is death, healing where there is brokenness.  But how do we participate in that?  Does it require special training? Special skills?  No.  It’s much simpler than you think. […]

Weekend Wisdom / Part of a Resurrection Community

It’s Easter!  Because of what happened 200 generations ago, everything has changed.  Frequently in church world, we talk about what Easter means for you as an individual.  A second chance, forgiveness, reconciliation with God, the promise of life after death.  But there’s another aspect that matters. Easter isn’t just about you!  The resurrection created a resurrection […]

Weekend Wisdom / A Gospel Jerk

Here’s the video of the presentation that developed from my last blog post, “Have I ever told you about the time the Gospel made me an intolerant jerk?”  If you want to see me say in 3000 words and 38 minutes, what I was able to say in 900 words on the blog, here’s your […]