You can meet God in your anxiety.

Not long ago I sent a question to the folks on my email list. I asked, “What questions do you have about emotions and faith?” The flood of responses surprised me. Clearly, this is a real-life struggle for many of us. One particular topic surfaced repeatedly. It was summarized best by this line from Errol […]

The Well-Worn Path in Your Heart That Leads You Away from God’s Love.

Shortly after turning in my final manuscript for The Wisdom of Your Heart, I received an email. My stomach dropped as I read the words. My chest tightened. The email was from my publisher. In the last round of editing, some theological questions had been raised, and the publisher decided to send my book through […]

Weekend Wisdom / Bad Things Are Going to Happen. Be At Peace.

The world is feeling dark these days. Polarized, increasingly hostile attitudes prevail. Really scary things are happening. ISIS. Gun violence. Political discord. In times of anxiety and fear, our faith can get murky. In John’s gospel, Jesus makes an unexpected promise. He says, “In this world you will have trouble.” But then, he turns this […]

Don’t you worry. God is working it out.

This post is for just some of you. If you’re sailing along with everything working in your life, go ahead and skip this one. I’m glad for you. Really, I am! This post, however, probably won’t be helpful to you. Instead, let me recommend this for you. Now, the rest of you? This post is […]

Jesus’ Cure for Anxiety

Too many things all at once. That’s the problem I’ve had this past month. Unexpected stressors have been pushing from too many directions. Complicated relationship and work issues. Financial struggles. Complicated parenting issues. None of these have a good clear solution. Maybe you’ve felt the same kind of stress and anxiety. I’ve been flooded with […]