3 fatal tendencies crippling your online communication

I love sarcasm as a form of communication. The subtlety of a quiet, sarcastic retort can make me smile for days. But online? The list of people I’ve offended or hurt, many unknowingly, is long. I’ve also left a wake of miscommunication behind me, as people who don’t know me tried to process things I […]

Is your online life Christian?

In May of 2010, Facebook broke my church. Honestly, it wasn’t Facebook’s fault. It had more to do with us—our level of relational wisdom and our lack of experience with digital communication—but Facebook was the vehicle. We drove the car into the ditch. You can’t blame the car. Days before the debacle, Arizona had passed […]

An Open Letter to Christians on the Internet

Dear Christians who spend time online, Isn’t the internet amazing! So much information just a click away. New ways to learn and communicate. New opportunities to interact. It’s great, right? Well… I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems like we are not so good at being Christian online. I don’t mean that we’re not […]

Jesus calls us to be what?

God has a plan for your life, but it might not be what you think. God’s plan for you is not that you’d be real good. It’s not that you’d join a certain religious club. It’s not that you’d travel to Burundi to be a missionary, or go to a certain college, or marry that […]