Looking for God in all the wrong places – Interview with Paul J. Pastor (TAW037)

Episode 037 – Looking for God in All the Wrong Places – Interview with Paul J. Pastor

Do you sometimes feel like your spiritual life is supposed to be in color, but you can only see it in black & white? Do you worry that we might be numb to God’s presence? Are you looking for a goose-bump moment and overlooking God in the process?

In this episode, I ask Paul J. Pastor about this. Paul’s the author of The Face of The Deep: Experiencing the Beautiful Mystery of Life with the Holy Spirit, a book that tackles the mysterious sacredness of God’s presence.

Show Notes

  • More from our guest:
    • Check out Paul’s website: www.PaulJPastor.com
    • Pick up The Face of the Deep. It’s available in paper, ebook, and an amazing audiobook with an original score.
    • Paul also has written two of the very best daily devotionals I’ve ever read, The Listening Day, Volume 1 and Volume 2.
    • Note: Those links are Amazon Affiliate links. If you buy a book through those links I will receive an infintesimal kickback that I promise to spend on good books and frivolous electronics. More info here

You can also watch and share the video version on Youtube.

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