Is your online life Christian?

In May of 2010, Facebook broke my church. Honestly, it wasn’t Facebook’s fault. It had more to do with us—our level of relational wisdom and our lack of experience with digital communication—but Facebook was the vehicle. We drove the car into the ditch. You can’t blame the car. Days before the debacle, Arizona had passed […]

Hack the Facebook Algorithm for Spiritual Growth.

More than a billion people use Facebook. Facebook says that the average US user spends 40 minutes per day on the platform. 40 minutes reading and interacting with posts, photos and Facebook messages—every single day! There has arguably never been a more powerful force for social impact in human history. We used to hang out in […]

Why you shouldn’t delete Facebook this year.

“Hey Guys… You’re going to be seeing less of me around here…” We’re twenty hours into the new year and I’ve already seen a double handful of Facebook posts announcing that their posters will be spending less time on Facebook this year. I understand that desire. It wasn’t so many years ago that most of us […]