The tools for facing fear.

This summer was supposed to be a time of renewal for me. That was my plan, anyway. This spring we put a house on the market. Selling it would free us from some emotional and financial commitments that have been weighing on us, an overfull backpack when the trail calls for lightness. Four months later […]

Don’t you worry. God is working it out.

This post is for just some of you. If you’re sailing along with everything working in your life, go ahead and skip this one. I’m glad for you. Really, I am! This post, however, probably won’t be helpful to you. Instead, let me recommend this for you. Now, the rest of you? This post is […]

Jesus’ Cure for Anxiety

Too many things all at once. That’s the problem I’ve had this past month. Unexpected stressors have been pushing from too many directions. Complicated relationship and work issues. Financial struggles. Complicated parenting issues. None of these have a good clear solution. Maybe you’ve felt the same kind of stress and anxiety. I’ve been flooded with […]