I’m Honored to be Guest Posting for Dayna Bickham!

Good morning, friends!  I have the honor of guest posting over at Dayna Bickham’s blog today, as we lead up to 2013.  She writes about finding your purpose.  I’d love to have you check out her blog.  If her writing appeals to you, leave an encouraging comment. You might even subscribe.

My post’s title there is “Discover your purpose?  You may already know!” Here’s an excerpt:

What am I here for? It’s one of the fundamental questions that each of us have to answer. It’s right up there next to “What’s for dinner?” No, wait. It’s far more important than that. That’s my five-year old’s most important question. But you’re not five, and you’re trying to make sense of your life and do something significant with it. That question is about purpose, which is one of the main topics here on Dayna’s blog. She writes regularly about discovering and living out your life’s purpose. She’s right to write about it. The pursuit of purpose is one of the most important and meaningful things we can do with our lives. But today I’d like to suggest to you that you may already know your purpose. It might not be the vague mystery that you think.

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