Another Guest Post today. Check out Tammy Helfrich’s Blog.

Another day closer to 2013!  And one more blog to inspire you about your new year.  Today Tammy is featuring me on her blog, and tomorrow she’ll be posting on mine.  I’d love to have you check out her blog.  She’s a Christian inspirational author with a book coming out in a couple of weeks. […]

I’m Honored to be Guest Posting for Dayna Bickham!

Good morning, friends!  I have the honor of guest posting over at Dayna Bickham’s blog today, as we lead up to 2013.  She writes about finding your purpose.  I’d love to have you check out her blog.  If her writing appeals to you, leave an encouraging comment. You might even subscribe. My post’s title there […]

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Make 2013 Great!

Today I’m welcoming Dayna Bickham to the blog.  She writes honestly and vulnerably about her own story, and I know she will inspire you.  You can learn more about her and connect with her online below the post. Start by Looking Back The end of the year is quickly approaching. The speed in which life […]

Stop. Look. Reflect. Here comes 2013.

Watch Out for Danger! In elementary school I was taught a crucial safety procedure.  You may remember it too.  “Stop, Drop and Roll.” It was drilled into us.  If ever we caught on fire (wait a minute… when was that likely to happen?!) this would save us. Stop.  That meant don’t panic.  Don’t run, which […]

Are You on the Journey of the Wise Men?

The Christmas Journey The Christmas season is all about journeys.  People are traveling in order to be home with family.  Kids are heading to the Grandparent’s house. College campuses are abandoned ghost towns. The Christmas story itself is full of journeys.  Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem because of the census.  The Angels traveled from […]

Perfectionism, Creativity & Inspiration: An Interview

I was asked to do an author interview this week.  We talked about perfectionism (my own), creativity, inspiration and what I’ve learned writing Discovering Your Authentic Core Values.  Read the interview to discover: What I’m reading now days. How a song I wrote seventeen years ago shapes what I write today. How perfectionism nearly kept […]

Newtown’s Impact for Me

A Dismal Week It was December 14th, 2012. Friday at the end of a long week. On Monday there was a brutal murder just a few houses down the street from my office.  That put me in a thoughtful frame of mind about life.  Then Tuesday happened.  A solitary gunman entered the Clackamas Town Center, […]

Focus Matters. (Shotguns are for Zombies.)

Focus. It’s what gets things done. Pick an area of life, pick a force in the universe, and you will see the power of focus. Light that shines dispersed might brighten a room, but light focused into a laser can cut through steel. Water in a lake just sits there lapping peacefully on the shore, […]

The 210 Framework: A Way to see your Identity and Purpose

The Big Questions Who am I really? Why am I here? What purpose does my life serve? These are the fundamental questions that shape our lives. Some of us have thought long and deep about these things; others not so much. Either way, you have answers to these questions deep in your heart. The answers […]

That Bastard Perfectionism

Argh…  Can. Not. Do. It… Most of the time I’m pretty focused on getting things done.  Most of the time.  But right now, I’m finding myself infinitely distracted. First, there’s all the “grey” things I could be doing, work that’s justifiably related to things that matter.  Social media to build connections for my writing.  Research […]

Just For Today, Again

Youtube comments are just about the dregs of the internet. As a general rule I say it’s best to avoid them altogether. And yet it was some Youtube comments that God spoke to me through this past week.  Hard to believe. Years ago, in what feels like another life, I was a song writer. I’ve […]

How To Get What You Want From God

Victims of Desire There’s a hidden kind of victim mentality that gets in the way of effective living. It also seems to be an undiagnosed hang-up limiting the spiritual lives of a good many people. It shows up in folks you wouldn’t think of as victims at all. It’s a common belief in our culture […]

Do You Know Too Much About Jesus?

That Didn’t Turn Out So Well! A while back I was working through the Gospel of Matthew in my personal worship time.  I came across a sad couple of verses at the very end of chapter 13.  They challenged me and I thought they were worth passing on to you.  The story is in Matthew 13:54-58. […]

A Dirty Worship Experience

This is not the dirt you’re looking for. Several summers ago we built five raised garden beds in our backyard.  We love having fresh veggies and herbs around.  It’s hard to beat a plate of garden-fresh tomatoes and basil, drizzled with a little olive oil.  But building the beds was only the beginning of the process. […]

Time to stop trying too hard.

I’m A Tryer. Trying too hard.  You could use that phrase as a banner for much of my life.  Trying hard to do well.  Trying hard to be accepted.  Trying hard to be strong, to be a good husband, to be a good pastor, to be a good dad, to be more emotional and relational. […]