You Need an Architecture of Grief (TAW039)

Episode 039 – You Need an Architecture of Grief (Interview with James Prescott)

Twenty Twenty seems to be the car wreck that just keeps going, and the result is that many of us are experiencing more and more pain and grief. How are we to deal with this? Writer James Prescott and I discuss the ways we structure our lives for either avoiding or entering into and processing our grief. You’ve got to do it!

Show Notes

  • We all have an “architecture” to our lives. This is the structure of our lives that makes living our lives the way that we do easiest for us. Much of this structure is inherited and unconscious.
  • Most of us live with an unconscious architecture that protects us from experiencing our grief. We hide from pain, and try to live our lives in such a way that the pain isn’t visible.
  • For a healthy life, where we grow personally and spiritually, we need an architecture of grief, structures in our life that enable us to experience and process our grief without being controlled by it.

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