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[Re-write] Posts that look at what we can learn about how to live from Jesus.

Introduction to Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship to Jesus Series

  1. Why Being Christian Embarrasses Me. – Here’s a problem with faith and church.
  2. Following Jesus: It’s Not Just Believing – What does it mean to follow Jesus?
  3. It’s Something You Do – It’s not just words and beliefs.
  4. Is Effort Legalistic? – There’s work to do, but it’s not about earning.
  5. Jesus calls us to be what? – Disciple, Believer, Christian? Or Apprentice.
  6. The 7 Commitments of an Apprentice – This is how we grow, learning from Jesus.
  7. Are You Willing to Learn from Jesus? – Commitment 1. You have a daily decision to make.
  8. Learn from Jesus. Live in the Gospels. – Commitment 2. Where to start.
  9. Let Go. Then Let Go Again. Commitment 3. You can’t trust Jesus and stay in control.
  10. The Overlooked Key to Spiritual Growth – Commitment 4.  Practice.  Do what Jesus says.
  11. Why Wouldn’t You Pray? Commitment 5, Be in ongoing communication with Jesus.
  12. 100 reasons not to go to church and 1 reason to go – Commitment 6, Enroll in Community.


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